#17 Bracelet

Threads, Golden metal / Multicolor


This bracelet is entirely made by hand in Parisian ateliers by specialized artisans. It is composed of a 1 micron, 24 karats gold plated chain,  wrapped with multiple threads of various colours.

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Free delivery in France


La marque Alix B. d’Anthenay a choisi, en supprimant un intermédiaire, de mettre l’accent sur la qualité. La chaîne est dorée chez un des apprêteurs parisiens les plus réputés, qui existe depuis 1850, et qui est un des seuls ne pas utiliser de cuivre dans sa préparation. De plus, les dorures appliquées sur les bijoux sont exceptionnellement élevées. Alors que la plupart des dorures sur la bijouterie fantaisie n’excèdent pas 0,2 microns, les bijoux Alix B. d’Anthenay ont une dorure d’une épaisseur de 1 micron, soit 5 fois plus.


The brand Alix B. d’Anthenay has chosen, by cutting out the middleman, to put focus on quality. The chain is gold plated by one of Paris’s renowned company which has been in business since 1850. They are one of the few to not use copper in their process. Furthermore, the gold plating applied on Alix B. d’Anthenay bracelets and rings are exceptionally thick at 1 micron compared to the 0.2 microns applied on most costume and mass produced jewelries.


The chain and the fittings are 24 karats gold plated brass. The thickness of the plating is 1 micron. The many threads differ in colour as well as fibre ( silk, cotton, polyester, linen etc…).


The threads hardly fray and the bracelet can be worn under water. However, it will hold longer if taken off before showers, pools, sea etc…


This bracelet is adjustable and so, will fit any wrist.