Bracelet #55

Silver plated, Stainless steel / Turquoise, Green


This bracelet is entirely made by hand in a parisian workshop, by expert artisans. It’s a palladium plated chain which is then embroidered. The closure is magnetic.

This bracelet can be worn with the closure facing front or back.


Free delivery in France
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Free delivery in France


ABDA Has chosen to bypass retailers in order to create and deliver products of higher quality.  This bracelet plated by one the most renowned parisian company in the field. They have been in business since 1850 and are one of the very few to not use copper in the plating process.Furthermore, the plating applied to our pieces are 8-10 times thicker than most common jewelry.

The Magnetic closure is made of high quality stainless steel and can be worn at all times, it will not falter.



All parts used to make this bracelet have been bought in Paris except for the closure, which comes from the Netherlands. The chain is gold plated by Parisian artisans. The Bracelet is entirely embroidered by hand, in Paris. The thread is made in France as well.


The chain is palladium plated brass. For the most part, threads are made of cotton, and the closure is made of stainless steel.



This bracelet can be worn under water although it will keep further if avoided.