#35 bracelet

Sterling silver / Midnight blue, Yellow fluorescent


This solid sterling silver bracelet is the result of a collaboration between designer Alix b. d’Anthenay and a parisian modelist. It is entirely made by hand in Parisian Ateliers by specialized artisans. It is adjustable and will fit any wrist.

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Free delivery in France


The brand Alix B. d’Anthenay has chosen, by cutting out the middleman, to put focus on quality. This Bracelet  is handmade by one of paris’s most skilled and renowned artisan. The threads have been selected for their resistance to friction.


All the parts used to create this bracelet are either bought or cast and polished  in Paris (chain, rings, fittings, thread ). Then, all the parts are assembled and embroidered by hand. All the artisans that have helped in the making of this bracelet work in paris.


This bracelet is solid sterling silver. In accordance with the legislation, “solid sterling silver” must be 925 silver. This jewel is hallmarked with the appropriate stamp which guarantees its composition and origin. The threads are polyamide.


These threads do not fray, and the bracelet can be worn under water. However, the plating will hold longer if taken off before showers, pools, etc..


This bracelet is adjustable and so, will fit any wrist.