Pendant #1

Leather, Satin de soie, Golden metal


This necklace is entirely made in France, it is stitched and assembled inside Parisian workshops.The leather are remnants from Hermes, and the fabric is 100% silk satin. The metal hardware and chains have all been gold plated in Parisian workshops.

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Alix B. d’Anthenay has chosen to bypass the middlemen, in order to increase quality and produce solely within France. The chain and metal fittings have been gold plated in one of the most reputable Parisian workshop. Furthermore, the plating applied to our pieces are 8-10 times thicker than most common jewelry.


This article is 100% made in France. The leather has been cut out of Hermes trimmings. The metal hardware that were used for this pompom were bought in France, and then plated in Paris. All the artisans that have had a role in the creation of this article, work in Paris.


The leather is cattle, and the fabric is 100% silk. The metal parts are gold plated brass. There is a 1 micron plating on the chain and fittings.


You can treat the leather with a leather conditioner and as for the metal parts, you can brush them with a soft cloth or q-tip and metal polishing cream in order to get back the original sheen.